Popular Features and Options of the Vivo V21

A Vivo V21 for International users is being prepared which is said to arrive within two to three years. The company is yet to announce an exact date when. vivo v21 it will release the phone. However, there is enough information about the phone available in the market so that we can make a proper judgment about its features. Let’s have a look.

specs and features: The main highlight of this new mobile is its high definition camera. It has been confirmed that the handset has an advanced camera with sufficient pixel power and great image clarity. The resolution is 5 megapixels and the camera is equipped with OIII mode which offers the best performance. A mono tone sensor with sufficient pixels is used for taking colour photos and the camera is capable of shooting in either colour or black and white modes.

Video recording features: The OIII mode in the vivo v 21 allows the user to record videos in high definition and also offers some interesting photo effects like panorama. The video recording quality is better than others in the current scenario. There is a night time recording option as well. This has got some interesting applications like allowing the user to take a good quality selfies while the camera is recording the whole event.

Battery life: The battery of the vivo v 21 has a long talk time of 5 hours and it offers decent level of charge. In fact, the phone lasts till the end of a full day with hardly any usage. The battery supports multi-cell communication and it comes with the USB dock. The OIII mode also allows the users to use the fast charging system and the fast charge technology which helps in increasing the mAH of the cell.

Camera: The main camera of the OIII is placed at the back of the handset which faces the users right. The front facing camera is just 8x zoom and has got a relatively small lens. The resolution is quite good and there is an auto-focus option in the HTC Wildfire HD6S. The camera of the vivo v 21 has got a proximity sensor which helps in the operation of the flashlight and it also helps in the taking of shots in low light situations.

Storage: The storage capacity of the Vivo V 21 has got some interesting decisions to make. The SIM free and contract mobile phone of the OIII has got a decent storage capacity of 16GB. This might be lower when compared to the other two handsets in the current marketplace but it does have some interesting additions like N-series and M1 series which help in adding some additional features. There is no question that the vivo V 21 has got a decent amount of memory to keep the data for the users.

Sensors: While talking about the camera, we cannot leave out the sensors of the handset which is placed at the back and front. The front facing camera has got a good f / factor and the rear cameras are rather poor with their performance. The main reason behind the low level of performance of the rear cameras is absence of optical zoom in the HTC Wildfire HD6S. The main reason behind the better performance of the v21 camera is its f/2.8 aperture camera.

Video: Even though, the HTC Wildfire HD6S has got some interesting additions like infrared LED flash, high definition video recording and the OIS night mode, still the weakness lies in the slow recording speed of the OIS feature. The reason behind this can be two fold one – lack of memory storage and second – poor camera structure. As the OIS night mode helps in recording the video at night, where as the lack of storage can not help. In such a case, the Vivo V21 would fall short of its role.